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The New Dog Laws
Do you have an opinion on the new dog laws and do you think they are enough?

Between 9 and 10 on Monday morning I did none stop radio interviews on what I thought of the new dog laws - 'dogbo's' as the presenters called them.
Here is my take on those laws.
They are welcomed and its not before time that tougher penalties were brought in for owners of aggressive dogs but as far as I'm concerned its like picking up the stones as the house is falling down instead of going back and strengthening the foundations! They are minimising mess but not doing anything to stop it happening.
When someone can be given an order for having a dog that can be used as weapon what on earth is that person doing with a dog in the first place, and will they really pay the fine and do we really think they will attend training classes!!
Yet the genuine dog owners are now afraid that if their pet protects itself against another dog and accidently nips that dog's handler where will they stand? Compulsory chipping isn't any good, right now we have two dogs in our rescue chipped with name and address of their owners who refuse to take them back - and would it be right for the dog to have to go back to them!
Until every dog has a record log issued at birth and going with it throughout its life so the breeder and previous owners can all be traced, until the law is tightened to restrict breeding and make it more difficult to become a first time dog owner, until people are tested and issued with a license to prove they are responsible and capable instead of dogs being licensed the problems will not be resolved.
It never fails to amaze me that compulsory chipping and a dog license are thought to be able to solve the problems when neither have been efficient before. it will force rescues to hand over the chip responsibility to guardians meaning they won't be able to keep a track on their dogs, the little lady with three pet pekes and who is a responsible dog owner will pay three licenses and the status 'person' with his status and aggressive dogs can have a license for them yet be a complete idiot!
One of our older rehomed rescues dogs was killed by a rescue lurcher in foster that broke of its lead, the police in that area weren't interested in dog on dog aggression!
The laws will mean some, and only some, tragedies may be prevented, for those that aren't prevented the grieving family may feel that a better justice will be served, the owner of the dog may be twenty thousand pounds lighter (maybe) and another dog will have been dragged off on the end of a cruel tight pole, incarcerated and then killed! Do you think its enough or is the house going to continue falling down?
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