Mainline Border
Collie Centre
Golcar Farm
Spring Lane
West Yorkshire
BD16 3AU
01274 564163
Meg - 1979 – 1992
Nine National trials
English team 1983
The first of our Main Line of dogs
and the inspiration for MBCC
Corporate Collies
Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies
Mainline news
Fred's first time of rounding up Ducks - and what happened! Mud, mud, not so glorious mud! How many more rescue dogs can we fit in to our kennels!

Big Fred hasn't worked ducks before but as the ground is so wet I thought it would help him to keep his paw in for working if missed the sheep out and 'down graded' to ducks.
Maybe not such a good idea! He was fine until one went the opposite way to the rest and our Fred thought it was chasing him and he took off and jumped out of the paddock leaving the ducks looking on in amusement.

There is just so much mud around although after the duck disaster I let Fred regain his self esteem but rounding up a few sheep! But we are slipping and sliding everywhere at the moment, and keeping the rescue dogs clean when they come in from the paddocks isn't easy.

Just how many more dogs can we take in? Not many when we are full already. What is the matter with people out of every ten people wanting to put their dog in rescue it's rare that even one of the ten couldn't either keep the dog with little effort put in or rehome it themselves. A dog in a home is not a rescue dog! Being pregnant is no reason to put your dog into rescue and neither is dog hair on the furniture or the fact it pulls on the lead.
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