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New Article - Microchipping
Will compulsory Microchipping solve problems or create more? Will the new laws help us find lost dogs or make it more difficult?

We took a dog into our rescue from a pound and it was chipped. All good so far as it means the pound will have checked the owner out and we can get in touch with the chip company and find out age, correct name, how many times in the pound etc. But........... chipping only works if its registered and is only easy to trace if there are limited ways the chip was distributed. This chip was not manufactured by any of the usual companies, we traced it to a company who only manufacture and supply but don't keep a database so don't know anything about the dog it was used on. The Chip went from the manufacturer to a branch of DT who can't track it as it went from them to another outlet (wardens, rescues etc) but the number is registered with Petlog. This gets better......... Petlog do have the number registered to them but no details were ever forwarded to them. So what a useful chip!!
When it works its good, we have just tracked a full history of one nine year old dog but sadly the government seem to think that compulsory chipping will solve the problems of getting lost dogs home. To do that it should also be law that the person chipping the dog should submit the forms, that only chips from a handful of companies are acceptable and that people not changing their details of new phones or addresses with the chip company are breaking the law - but without number or address they won't care will they! The government have informed us that the percentage of dogs chipped has increased from 58% to 'about' 70% - but its big business now as instead of four major chip companies new ones are springing up all over the place and like dog number 1 there are many without a trace on them. 50% of chipped dogs that come into our rescue are chipped to nobody or to someone who has moved and not changed their details or they simply don't answer the phone or they refuse to take the dog back. The government has no contingency plan for this as in a letter to me they believe the DT the KC the RSPCA and Defra have it all under control! News flash - it hasn't worked so far!
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