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Collie Centre
Golcar Farm
Spring Lane
West Yorkshire
BD16 3AU
01274 564163
Meg - 1979 – 1992
Nine National trials
English team 1983
The first of our Main Line of dogs
and the inspiration for MBCC
Corporate Collies
Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies
New Book
Training Border Collies by Barbara Sykes Available now from Mainline Border Collie Centre

Border Collies respond to communication and company, which they can never get enough of, and they love the challenge of a game that makes them think, but over-stimulation of mind and body can lead to behavioural problems, particularly if the dog is then left to try to wind down on his own.

The introductory chapters introduce the variations in appearance in the breed and how the genes which produce different build, coat and eye colour also produce different characters and temperament. The key to training each dog being in understanding his ancestral background.

Colour photographs throughout the book show how natural body language makes training much easier for a dog to understand and to respond to, case histories are included with chapters on lead walking, basic training, problem solving, recall, keeping a dog's mind stimulated without winding him up.

On general sale from February 2015 and available now from Mainline.
Price: 16.99 + 1.80 p&p (please contact us for overseas postage)

For an order form or more info
Tel: 01274 564163

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