Mainline Border
Collie Centre
Golcar Farm
Spring Lane
West Yorkshire
BD16 3AU
01274 564163
Meg - 1979 – 1992
Nine National trials
English team 1983
The first of our Main Line of dogs
and the inspiration for MBCC
Corporate Collies
Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies
Sheepdog Training Clinic August 1st
All aspects of training from complete novice to field work.

Covering all aspects of sheepdog training from basics to trialling we also look at topics such as nutrition and genetics to give you a better understanding of your dog and the breed in general.Helping you to create a first class partnership with your dog.

Topics include:

The basics of training
Understanding a dog's body language
Achieving a good 'stop' command
Working with a trained dog
starting your own dog on sheep
Different stages of training
Understand and 'reading' sheep

The next clinis is on August 1st 1pm - 5pm 50.00 per person, light refreshment included.

To book or for information about the Clinic Please contact Vicki Sykes on 01274 564163
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