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Protecting the Innocent

If anyone of us can sit back and say that the rescue situation in this country is under control then we need a sharp reality check, for it's about as bad as it's ever been and not improving. Rescue kennels are full of unwanted dogs of all breeds and there are not enough homes to go round, so what happens to the dogs? Some enter a rescue and then prove to be impossible to home because of aggression, in which case they are either put to sleep or kept for the rest of their lives in the kennels. This can either be a sanctuary designed for them with people that can manage them or they become institutionalised. Our Sanctuary dogs are lucky as they are in the country, the rescue is run by behaviourists and trainers who can manage them and they have a good life, but not all rescues can provide such a unit and it's not easy in a mixed breed rescue. Some dogs don't even reach rescue kennels; they are sold straight out of the pound! After a dog has served its statutory time in the dog pound it is either moved to a rescue, sold or put to sleep. Not all dog pounds operate the same way, some of them try their hardest to get the dogs into a reputable rescue and some try to get them into breed rescues. But ask yourselves why in some pounds there are few bitches available to go into rescue but plenty of dogs and hardly any puppies; and what does go to rescue is often aggressive or has severe behavioural problems. I must reiterate that it this isn't all dog pounds, we work with some amazing dog wardens who will move heaven and earth to get the dogs in their kennels into caring rescues where they know they will be placed very carefully into good homes. But we have also taken in dogs that have been abused by the very people who are supposed to have rescued them; it would seem there is no set of rules and little compassion in some areas.
With the lack of compassion it would seem common sense has flown out of the window. Who in their right mind would sell a young problem collie from the dog pound into a home with two children aged eleven and six, two cats and a house rabbit and the parents working full time? The clue is probably in the word 'sell'!
We have also had people come to us on a behavioural consultation that have taken a dog from a rescue that they clearly were not able to manage. But do we blame the rescue for moving a dog into an unsuitable home or our society that has put that rescue on the spot of 'rehome that dog or another on the pound gets put to sleep because you have no room for it'. Unethical but a fact!
There is no hymn sheet for everyone to sing from, there are no rules, and there are no consequences, but we cannot sit back and say, "well it's awful but I'd rather not know about it and someone will sort it out." They won't because that someone is us, Me and You. We have to give every dog that some idiot throws out or some sadist abuses the chance to be loved, to belong and to be special to someone - they deserve it.
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