Gathering up life’s problems and taking control

It is not difficult to be in charge - bullying, money, aggression, unfairness and cheating are all tactics than can place someone in authority. Being in authority doesn’t always mean being respected or in control and it often may appear more difficult to be in control - for it needs calm, peace, comfortable silence and natural leadership. Of the two, authority and control, the first is developed after birth, the second we are all born with. Serenity, peace and confidence are natural leaders we simply need to learn to allow them to work for us.


There are many parallels between dogs and humans, the main difference being way of life and expectations, but the similarities are endless; family unit, work force, and different characters within a group. A dog will reflect a mirror image of yourself. If you are tense, nervous or unsure this will reflect on the dog you are dealing with. The reaction of that dog will be dependent on their temperament, for example a nervous dog will become unsure and introvert, it may even seem to not like you but this is a direct result of insecurity. However a dominant dog will begin to feel powerful and will become arrogant and eventually aggressive. This mirror image also reverses onto oneself. If a dog is aggressive this attitude reflects on the human and manifests according to character. A dominant human will retaliate with more aggression and a nervous human will become frightened. By working with dogs that are trained to use and understand body language human beings can develop a better understanding of how harnessing their emotions and controlling their body language can affect the situation around them.

If we are lacking in confidence then each time we are faced with a new situation we are also faced with dealing with nerves and self criticism; and any effort to stem these feelings is often overcome by panic and the feeling of failure. TLC allows people to find themselves, to be proud of themselves, to recognise and accept their vulnerabilities and to balance them with their strengths. There is no miracle solution for insecurity or lack of confidence but wanting to overcome it is the first step along the way to being a more confident person. TLC allows you to experiment with body language and eye contact without fear of reprisal, it teaches you how to communicate naturally and how to have a better understanding of the people around you. To Think Like a Canine you have to step forward with confidence, be relaxed, learn how to focus and be content with yourself.

From a delighted and more confident client:

"Thrilling! The first step to feeling free, being free!

Thanks Barbara and the canine boys & girls"

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