Corporate Teambuilding Day

Our half and full day events are unique and bespoke to your company, catering from two to a twelve in each group.

All event includes refreshments, certificates, photographs and a debrief.

What you can expect....

The task to work with a canine team to control the sheep.

The target to be able to move them around the field and to negotiate any obstacles that may arise. Delegates will be given tasks to complete and will have to fit each dog to the task it is best equipped to accomplish. They will need to match the handlers to work with the dogs they selected, and they will need to understand each dog as an individual team member.

The pack
Sheepdogs are excellent mentors working together in harmony for the good of the pack. Their observation and communication skills enable them to assess and interact with team players, balancing strengths and vulnerabilities to gain optimum performance.

Team building
As a team player you will need to be able to delegate and to recognise and balance with the strengths and vulnerabilities of your team.

Shepherds quote: I don’t expect all my dogs to be able to do the same things, I need them to have different skills, what I have to teach them is how to balance their skills so they become the ultimate team.

Leadership skills
As a leader you will have to be able to identify the different strengths of each dog, be able to adapt to each one to get optimum performance and to recognise who is best equipped for which task.

Shepherds quote: If I have eight dogs on my team I have to recognise their differences and be eight different men to get optimum performance

Our corporate events provide the opportunity to:

  • Get to know one another outside the work environment
  • To be open minded about trying out new experiences
  • To be open to new ideas and concepts which can be applied to the work place
  • Identify ‘skill sets’ of individuals and work with them while allowing for the differences
  • Value one another’s input, and each other
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain confidence in attempting something outside normal ‘comfort zones’
  • To value the need to support one another

corporate team building
The dogs are your team and the sheep are your ‘task’

What our clients say:

“I have had great feedback from all my team they all really enjoyed the day and felt it extremely worthwhile. I have never spent so much time laughing and learning at the same time”

“A very enjoyable day which utilised an unusual medium - sheepdog handling - to great effect. The management issues associated with effective team performance, and getting the best from individual team members was established and illustrated expertly and professionally by the trainers”

“The sheepdog/shepherd role is an unusual but very effective medium for this type of self-awareness activity”

“An unusual and enjoyable day with a serious underlying theme that becomes more evident as the day progresses. A valuable day out for anyone interested in people development”

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